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Big Dicked Stud

Welcome to my blog. My name is TJ and I am a bi 30 year old male from Buffalo, NY. I am totally addicted to sex and everything that comes with it. I also happen to be well endowed. I am your typical str8 acting jock type - and that's what I look for in a partner. This is a blog that is NSFW and for adults ONLY.

If you are under 18 (or the legal age of majority in your area), go away. On the blog you will find pictures and video of the things that turn me on. You can find a few pictures of myself, read the stories of my sex life, and view all of my questions by clicking the buttons above. I appreciate tributes, submissions, and asks. Please enjoy - and share me with your friends.
Jul 27 '14


cock is HUGE sooo hootttt!  

That is one HOT video

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Jul 27 '14

Meeting Nick

Yesterday was a day of epic proportions.  I hooked up with a long time friend - for the first time - and although I promised not to post a story about the encounter, suffice to say my mind was blown.  I had no idea that twinks were so damn cock hungry.  

After going home from the mind blowing fucking of the afternoon, I hopped in the shower and when I got out, I had a text from another friend who wanted to go out and get a few drinks.  

My friend, Amber is 5’2, dirty blonde, maybe 90 pounds soaking wet, blue eyes, and a cute face.  She is also a competition weight lifter, and could easily kick my ass.  We’ve known each other for quite awhile after initially meeting at the gym probably 5 or so years ago.  We haven’t fooled around, nor do we really want to.  We have a mutual respect for one another and a great friendship.  

Amber wanted to get a few drinks and I suggested a hipster bar I know in Allentown called The Hardware.  The crowd is…eclectic…to say the least but there are occasionally some hot people to look at.  Last night was no different.  

Amber had invited several of her friends out as well and we all met up around 9:30.  I knew a few of them, but quickly made nice with all of them.  She kept telling me that she wanted me to meet her friend Nick.  She said we would really get along well.  I didn’t really know what she meant by that - but I love meeting new people and couldn’t wait for him to show up.  

Around 10, Nick was walking through the door.  Even though I didn’t know who he was, I noticed him coming in.  More like starred.  He was shorter than me.  Maybe 5’8.  175 pounds, perfect V shaped torso, short dark hair, spiked in front, dark complexion…really dark.  He was the quintessential well built Italian.  SEXY.  

He came right up to Amber giving her a huge hug and then began introducing himself to the group we were with.  When he got to me, we shook hands and he smiled as he introduced himself…just a little too long for a intro.  His teeth were perfection.  He had a day old goatee which look crazy hot on him.  He was wearing a white button down, untucked, a nice watch, snug jeans, though his shirt covered his crotch and ass, and a pair of black shoes.  If all this wasn’t enough - what got me about Nick was his smell.  He obviously had cologne of some variety on, but I’d never smelled it.  And it was fucking good.  Like… instant horny good.  

We all shared a few drinks together, laughing and shooting the shit about nothing special.  Amber and I both had to break the seal so we went together to the bathroom.  This bar has two unisex bathrooms - one toilet in each - but one was out of order - so the line was a mile long.  Amber and I stood there, chatting, when the conversation turned to Nick.

“So, what’s the deal with Nick?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I just get a little vibe from him but I’m not sure I’m reading it right - just met him, so could go either way.  Either he’s just being extremely nice, or he’s into me.”

“Well, he’s bi, so I’d say you have a better than average shot - plus I know that his girlfriend just moved to NYC a month or so ago.”
“Enough said. ha ha.”

We both pissed and headed back out the group at the bar.  

Amber, getting the hint from the conversation in line for the bathroom positioned herself at the other end of our group, leaving me next to Nick.  He ordered another drink, which, as it would turn out was the perfect segway into me flirting with him a little.  Ok.. a lot.  

He ordered a double Maker’s and Coke.  His third.  

“You drink a lot of Maker’s?” I asked.

“Dude!  I love the stuff.  Definitely my drink of choice.”

I reached in my pocket and pulled out a business card, handing it to him, he looked it over carefully not really sure what was going on.  The card read:

“Maker’s Mark Official Ambassador, TJ (My name is spelled out on the card), along with my official Ambassador ID number and the number of my personal barrel of Maker’s.”

“I happen to be a Maker’s Mark Ambassador” I said with a laugh.

The conversation continued about the perks of being an Ambassador and the fact that I actually don’t drink Maker’s at all.  I am a beer drinker.  Unless I’m in a whiskey mood, then it’s Crown.  But definitely not Maker’s.  So, he busted my balls about that for quite a while.  

We talked sports, and watched the fight, and drank and laughed.  

I couldn’t steer the conversation to sex artfully.  I was at a loss.  This never happens.  I was hoping he would take some fucking initiative and make a move.  I didn’t have to wait long.  

I don’t know what the fuck was wrong with me last night.  But before long, Nick and Amber went to the bathroom line.  I suspect they had much the same conversation that she and I had when we were back there because when they came back out, she whispered in my ear, “you’re welcome.”

Nick and I started talking again, this time, more pointed.

“Dude, you must live at the gym.” he stated.

“Could say the same about you man.  You’ve got some monster arms.”

“You too man. What ever you’re doin’ it’s workin’ for you.”

“Hard work and dedication, and healthy dose of cardio” I said with smirk.

He leaned forward a little “You’re chest looks huge man, I’m jealous of those pecs.” as he reached out slowly and rubbed his hand across my chest and down my abs.  

I flexed my abs as he did, so he could feel my washboards.  He smiled, and bit his bottom lip.  As his hand got to my waist, he paused for a second too long before pulling away.  I think he wanted to go down a little further, but didn’t dare.  

“You know, your upper body isn’t the only think I noticed.” he said.

“Oh yea?”

“Your butt looks perfect in those jeans you’re wearing.”

“You should see it out of them then.” I said with a smile and a little laugh.

“I’d love to.”

“Wanna get out of here?”

“God yes!”

I paid my tab and Nick and I left together.  We were within walking distance to my place, and Jennine was staying at her place last night so, I had the house to myself.  Nick and I walked and chatted together to my place, which is literally a 5 minute walk, if that.

We walked in and I offered him a beer.  He declined.  I didn’t have any Maker’s, so he was fine with just water.  I thought that was kind of a snobbish move, and I told him so.  He didn’t seem to care.  

“So, I think it’s only fair that since you’ve been starring at my ass all night that I have a chance to see yours in those jeans.  Lift that shirt up and turn around.” I said with a grin.

“I’ll do you one better.”  As he began unbuttoning his shirt.  He didn’t have a undershirt on, and as he removed it, his chest was smooth as silk.  His pecs very well defined, abs were amazing - a hint of a 6 pack.  The smallest little treasure trail starting at his belly button and my all time favorite feature of a muscular guy: The apollo’s belt.  I was in love.  I think I actually licked my lips.  

He turned around, his back was crazy muscular as he flexed and then I saw his ass.  Wow.  Like amazing.  

“Sold.” I stammered with a laugh.  

He turned around, and told me to take my shirt off.  I did.  

He walked over to me, rubbing his hand on my chest and abs.  His other hand, reaching around, grabbing my tight jock ass through my jeans.  He whispered in my ear, “What are you up for?”

“Whatever you’re comfortable with.”

He turned me around, grabbing my ass with both hands, kneeling down, soaking it all in, and said, “I hope to god you bottom.”
“It would almost be a sin if I didn’t.”

With that, I stood him up, and unbuttoned his jeans.  He was wearing 2ixst briefs.  I slid my hand down the front of his pants, grabbing his swollen dick and massaging his nuts.  

He pushed them down around his ankles, leaving his briefs.  I stepped back, so I could get a good view of this jock in his underwear.  He could be a model.  He filled them out perfectly.  I small wet spot was forming.  I could see the ridge of his head clearly.  

I pushed him down onto the couch and pulled his jeans off for him.  We began to make out.  He was an incredible kisser.

I made my way down his torso to his nipples.  Sensitive.  I love that.  I drove him crazy by sucking and biting them, until he couldn’t take it anymore and he pushed my head down to his crotch.  His cock was throbbing in his briefs.  I could clearly see it pulsing through the fabric.  

I pulled them off.  His cock shot straight up, pulsing.  He was a good 7 inches.  Cut.  Really thick and veiny.  His pubes were trimmed really close and his nuts.  My god his nuts.  They were shaved, and enormous.  Not low hangers.  But just fucking big.  I started sucking them.  One, then the other.  They were too big to fit both in my mouth at once.  He moaned.  

I worked my way up to his shaft.  Licking from the root up to his head, i took him in my mouth and started deep throating him.  He moaned louder.  I could feel him swelling even more in my mouth.  

I bobbed on his dick for a few minutes before I stood up, and pulled my jeans and boxer briefs off.  My cock was raging.  The moment he saw my dick his eyes grew to the size of silver dollars.  “Holy fuck!” he said.  “Yea - there is NO FUCKING WAY that thing is going in my ass!”  

I laughed.

He grabbed my meat and started to stroke it.  Working it really good.  He licked me, and started sucking the head.  I moaned.  

He got on his knees and spread my legs open.  He dove into my ass.  Now, I’ve been rimmed a million times.  Never has it felt this good.  I moaned LOUDLY.  My cock was throbbing.  Pulsing.  My nuts were tightening.  

Nick was devouring my pussy the way I’ve eaten dozens of chicks.  It felt amazing.  His tongue probed into my hole.  Finally, he started finger banging me and sucking my nuts at the same time.  “Oh fuuuuuck Nick!”  I moaned.  “Fuck me”

“Yea? You ready for it?”

“Oh fuckkk yes!  Fuck me like the fucking faggot I am.” I moaned louder.  

He stood, and grabbed a Trojan out of his pants.  He stretched it over his huge ass head and spit on it for lube.  He spat in my hole and rubbed it in with his cock.  

Holding my legs in the air, spread wide open, he popped his head into me.  He froze, for just a second.  Allowing me to open up for him.  

He slowly worked his entire length into my willing hole.  “Ohhhhhh fuck that’s big.” I moaned as he worked it into me.  

“Fuck! Fuck!  Fuck!” I said.  He was stretching my ass wide open.  I’t felt so fucking good.  

He started thrusting.  His hips gyrating with every push.  I was content to watch his abs flex with every thrust.  Damn he looked good.  

He was grunting as he fucked me.  He started to pick up the pace.  Getting harder and harder.  Faster.  Deeper.  

I was moaning constantly.  He was too.  “Oh FUCK that dick feels good.” I said.

“You like that dick, huh, bitch?”

“Oh fuck yea!  I love that big fucking dick!”

He turned up the intensity even more.  His massive balls were slapping me hard.  I was in heaven.  Sweat was starting to drip off his nose, landing on my nuts.  

He adjusted his thrusts, hitting my prostate with every pass.  My dick started to jump.  My nuts started to tighten.  “Oh fuck yes! Just like that” I moaned loudly.  

He kept plowing me.  Pounding my prostate.  Wrecking my pussy.  

Within a few minutes of him railing against me, I could feel the cum creeping its way up my dick.  “Oh fuck Nick!  You’re gonna make me cum.”  I hadn’t even touched my cock yet.  

“Yea!  Cum for me baby”

I erupted all over my abs and chest.  I shot a rope up over my shoulder, landing on my couch.  

As my orgasm subsided, I was still rock hard.  My cock bouncing against my abs.  My nuts bouncing against Nick.  

He rubbed the cum into my chest and abs, licking his fingers, and feeding some to me too.  

He started to stroke my cock with his cum covered hand as he fucked me.  

I was moaning so fucking loud.  Uncontrollably loud.  So was Nick.  

“I’m close.” he moaned

“Cum for me stud!  Fill that jock ass with your fuckin seed!”

He started pounding me harder.  Finally, he pushed in as deep as he could.  I could feel his cock swell and explode inside me.  His entire body began to convulse.  His abs were flexed so hard they looked like a washboard.  His eyes slammed shut as he let out several loud moans.  

He pulled his heavy, freshly drained dick out of my tight hole and pulled the condom off.  It was half full of cum.  His cock hung heavy against his massive nuts.  It was bright red.  Even though he was limp, the veins were still clearly protruding.  

We kissed.  For a long time.  Probably half an hour.  

“Dude…. you are covered in jizz.” he said laughing.  

“I know!  I gotta shower.”

“Leave it.  It’s hot.”

“You wanna stay the night?”

“With you…?  Hell yea.”

We kissed more.  

We went to the bedroom, where we both slept naked.  

We woke up around 7 this morning and had breakfast, naked in my kitchen.  As I was cooking eggs, Nick came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my chest.  “You know, that is the hottest ass I’ve ever seen.”

I could feel his soft dick on my ass.  

“And you know what.  That is the best fuck I’ve had in a long long time.”

He kissed my neck, “Glad you liked it.”

We ate and chatted for a while before he had to leave.  

Before he did though, we traded numbers and agreed that we needed to do this again.  A lot more.  

Well, there it is friends.  My latest conquest.  What are your thoughts?  Talk to me!

Jul 27 '14


enter slow. cum messy. kiss and nap.

Jul 27 '14

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Jul 27 '14
Jul 27 '14

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Jul 27 '14
Jul 27 '14
Jul 27 '14
Jul 27 '14


you got a monster underneath that tee


Jul 27 '14


If these don’t get you to the gym…..what other reason do you need?

Jul 27 '14

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Jul 27 '14

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Jul 27 '14

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Jul 27 '14


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